Excerpt from Untitled Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Lost Girl Crossover Fic


So real quick. I’ve got a whole plot in mind for this story, but this was the first scene that came to me: Buffy, Willow, Bo and Kenzi all stuffed into Bo’s Camaro on a road trip from USA to Canada, finally stopping after a while on the road. Everyone is super pissy at this point. Let me know what you think! Or just like the post if you want to see more :) 

Bo pulled to a gravelly stop at the exit Kenzi had read from the map. She pulled off her sunglasses slowly, turning an incredulous gaze at the place, and then to Kenzi. “What. The hell. Is this?”

Kenzi looked up from the bright colored picture in the travel guide (a fresh looking log cabin rest stop, complete with a sunny sky and happy blue birds) to the reality just outside her window. Her eyes began to widen as she was met with the sight of a dumpy shack, a rickety old sign reading “TRAVEL LODGE, RESTROOMS, GAS, MEAT” hanging loosely over a crusty window.

She flashed Bo a forced, desperate smile. “A perfect example of false advertising?”

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